South West Rubber Stamps and Stampers Den


Locally made here in Bunbury!

South West Rubber Stamps and Stampers Den


Locally made here in Bunbury!

Welcome to South West Rubber Stamps

Your local destination for custom rubber stamps made right here in Bunbury! We pride ourselves on creating personalized stamps that leave a lasting impression. Whether you need a self-inking stamp for daily office use, a traditional rubber stamp for special occasions, or a signature stamp for important documents, we have you covered.

We use durable materials and precision techniques to ensure every stamp delivers high-quality impressions. From business stamps featuring your company’s logo and address to date stamps for paperwork organization, our diverse range of options caters to all your needs. For eco-conscious customers, we offer environmentally friendly stamp options, made with recycled materials.

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We can help you with

Shiny Printer S-833 Self-Inking Stamp

Self-Inking Stamps

Pre Inked stamps

Pre-Inked Stamps

Vue Mount Rubber Stamps

Traditional Rubber Stamps

Shiny Eminent Speed Ink

Ink and Ink Pads

Name Plaques Bunbury

Name Plaques

Custom Engraved Acrylic Plaques & Trophies

Custom Engraved Acrylic Plaques & Trophies

Stamps for business

We cater to various industries, including legal, medical, and notary services, offering stamps customised to suit your personal needs. Designing your custom stamp is a breeze. We offer custom font options and can reproduce your logo or artwork. Our proofing process and design consultation services means you can be confident that your stamp will be just the way you envisioned it.

Rubber Stamps made in Bunbury

Get noticed with our Name Plaques

South West Rubber Stamps also manufactures custom name plaques for offices and businesses. Whether you need a single name plate or a bulk order for your entire team or organization, we’ve got you covered. Our efficient production process allows for quick turnaround times without compromising on quality.

Our name plates are more than just functional signage; they are a statement piece that adds a professional touch to your workspace. Whether you prefer a classic and timeless design or a modern and sleek look, our collection has something for every taste with many colours and finishes to choose from. In addition to business name plates, we also offer custom name plates for personal use, such as desk name plates, house number plates, and more. These make for thoughtful and unique gifts for loved ones on special occasions.

Name Plaques Bunbury

Quality craftsmanship

We take pride in our commitment to quality craftsmanship. We use high-grade acrylic materials to create name plates that are not only visually stunning but also durable and long-lasting. With precision laser cutting technology, we ensure that each name plate is perfectly crafted to your specifications.

As with our custom rubber stamp design process, our design experts are available to provide personalized assistance throughout the process, ensuring that you are delighted with the final result. We offer a proofing service to ensure that your name plate is want you want, before it goes into production.

Customer satisfaction is our priority

We stand by the quality and functionality of our products and aim to make your stamp or name plaque design and purchase, quick and easy. Experience the personalised service from a local small business that has been creating custom stamps and name plaques for businesses in the South West for over a decade.

Quality craftsmanship rubber stamps


Can I use my own artwork design?

Yes, we can use your own design but require a specific format to work with our production process. We prefer to work with original vector images for all our custom products, saved as an ai, eps or pdf file. If you are providing a vector file, please make sure all fonts are converted to outlines/objects.

Please note: You will need to email EPS, AI, GIF and TIF files directly to

We can also accept JPG, PNG, GIF and TIF files provided they are SINGLE colour [ideally black] and high resolution [at least 300 dpi].

JPG, JPEG, PDF, PNG and SVG can be uploaded during the purchasing process.

Can you design my logo/artwork?

We are not graphic designers so our scope is limited and artwork design is not included in our pricing. We can deal with text and some limited formatting, however if you need a dedicated logo or similar artwork, we suggest discussing your needs with a graphic designer.

What size does my artwork need to be?

So long as your artwork is supplied in the correct format, we can resize it to suit the stamp body that you have selected. All sizing is given in millimetres and images are scaled to fit the maximum height or width of the selected stamp body. Your image MAY NOT complete(ly) fill the height or width of the stamp body completed depending on the shape of the image.

What kinds of images can’t I use?

Designs should only be sent, that you created and/or control all necessary rights to. 

We do not accept artwork that could be considered offensive, including violent, nude, partially nude, discriminatory, unlawful, infringing, hateful, pornographic or sexually suggestive images.

Can I use a multicoloured logo for my stamp design?

No, a stamp can only achieve a single colour print, and to produce rubber stamp, we need a PURE black and white only version of your design (no colour, no greyscale). If you don’t have your image in black and white, please contact the original designer of your logo or artwork and request one. 

If your logo is relatively simple, we MAY be able to change the design to PURE black and white however, if that’s not possible, you may need to engage another designer to create a simplified, single colour version of your design. 

Can I use a Traditional Stamp on Fabric?

Traditional stamps can be used on multiple surfaces, including fabric.

The type of fabric you’re planning to stamp will impact your result. Fabric is generally more porous than paper, which means you may see some of ink bleed into the fibres of the fabric, the extent of this depends on the specific qualities of your fabric [thread count, density, etc]. Fine, tightly woven fabric will work best.

Your stamp design will also impact the finished result. Ink tends to bleed more on fabric than paper or cardboard, so stamp designs with fine detail (such as small text, fine lines or dots) may blur when stamping on fabric. For best results stamping fabric, keep your design bold and simple. 

Finally, consider the ink you use to stamp fabric. Normal Ink Pads can work well on fabric, but the ink isn’t waterproof so the print will run or fade if the fabric is washed. To make a permanent print, use fabric ink and heat-set once it’s dry to make a permanent, washable print with your stamp.

Can I use a Traditional Stamp to make an imprint in clay or soap?

Yes, traditional stamps can be cut in a manner that allows for use with clay or soap. Designs should be large, bold and free of fine detail. Please alert us to the fact that this is a stamp to be used in soap or clay so that we can alter our production process to suit.

How do I care for my Traditional Stamp?

Our custom-made traditional rubber stamps can last for decades, when used gently and properly cared for.

To maximise the life of your stamp, be sure to:

Store it in a cool, dry spot – away from direct sunlight and excess heat as these can weaken or warp your stamp.
Clean your stamp after each use with a clean damp cloth or a non-alcohol baby-wipes. Don’t use any harsh cleaning chemicals on your stamp as this may damage the rubber.
Be sure to only use reputable, high-quality inks with your stamp.
Gentle use will help prolong the life of your stamp – pressing too heavily or rough use can damage your stamp over time.

Can I stamp on Timber?

Your traditional stamp can be used on a range of surfaces, including timber.

Keep in mind that untreated wood has a porous surface, so your ink may bleed. It’s always good idea to practice first when stamping directly onto wood or other unknown surfaces for the first time. Because of this, simple, bold designs will work best [avoid fine detailing and small text].

For stamping timber, we recommend Brilliance Ink (for raw wood) as it does not tend to bleed into the surface of the wood grain or Staz-On for painted or varnished wood surfaces as it is designed for non-porous surfaces.

How do I refill my Pre-Inked Stamps?

To top up your ink: 

  • Remove the lid from your pre-inked stamp
  • Add 3-5 drops of Shiny Eminent Speed Ink [in the original colour of your stamp] in each channel. It’s important to not use any other type of ink – it likely won’t work and can permanently damage your stamp
  • Replace the lid and allow some time [around 30 minutes or so] for the ink to make its way through the stamp
  • Test your stamp. Large stamps or designs with lots of solid area will likely need more ink, in this case repeat steps 1-3 [it’s important to do this process gradually, to avoid over-inking your stamp].
Can custom stamps be re-used?

Shiny Self-Inking Stamp bodies and Colop Self-Inking Stamp bodies can both be repurposed with new text and refreshed with a new ink pad. If you would like to reuse your old Shiny or Colop Stamp, please contact us for further details.

Pre-inked stamps cannot be repurposed but can be reinked.

What colours are available for Self-Inking and Pre-Inked Stamps?

Our stamps come in a single colour of Black, Blue, Red, Green or Violet.

Can I call with a query?

South West Rubber Stamps is a small business that prides itself on the personal touch. We are more than happy to answer your custom stamp questions between 9am and 5pm any weekday on (08) 9791 5050.

Where are you located?

We are located in regional Western Australia. Our custom products are made right here in the beautiful South West!

South West Rubber Stamps and Stampers Den

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